Natural Dog Treats


Natural Dog Treats For Your Dog.



Natural dog treats for special occasions or as a reward when your pooch has done well its the way to gain a good friend.


Our pets are a huge investment and commitment on our part, not only financially, but with our time. Once you have chosen your woofie, or they have chosen you! that is the easy bit!

If this is your first dog, the first few weeks will be one long list of questions, What do we feed them?, how much do we feed them? how often do we feed them?

If you have purchased your dog from a reputable dealer, you will have come home armed with all the correct information, and the same if you have adopted your pet from the RSPCA or Woodgreen animal shelter etc.
But sometimes our canine friends find us, perhaps from someone who can no longer look after them, or perhaps sadly they have been abandoned.
There are many places to find out the information you require. Your vet is always a good source of information about diet, vaccinations, worming etc and it is always a good idea to get your new friend checked over. All major pet supply stores will be more than happy to discuss your dogs requirements as far as the correct feed, amounts etc, and don't forget plenty of fresh clean water.

Once the basics are covered and your pet has settled in, you will have been able to asses his or her personality, and some serious retail therapy can begin! A new collar and lead, a comfy basket or bed, plenty of toys and of course lots of natural dog treats!

Dog clothing is the latest trend, particularly for the smaller dog, or perhaps a warm dog coat if you have a whippet or greyhound type as they tend to feel the cold, with not as much fur as the other breeds, but do be aware, they can overheat if taken indoors with the heating on, so when you take your coat of, don't forget to take theirs of!


On a serious note don't forget to get an identity tag for your pet, your contact numbers are so important if they go missing, so choose one and add it to the new collar and lead you have been meaning to buy.