Binding: Misc.
Brand: Dexil
Studio: Friendly Dog Collars
Label: Friendly Dog Collars
Publisher: Friendly Dog Collars
Manufacturer: Friendly Dog Collars
List Price: £9.99

  • High quality double layered lead 120cm (4ft /48inch). Includes luxury neoprene padded handle
  • Use the TRAINING range to show that this dog is in training and should not be disturbed
  • All products feature durable nylon, anti-corrosion triggers and 'D' rings, and embroidered wording
  • Colour coded with wording to PREVENT accidents or incidents in public, A Safer Place For All
  • Available in buckle and semi-choke collars, leads, harnesses and coats in various sizes and ranges

Binding: Target
Studio: Mars Petcare
Label: Mars Petcare
Publisher: Mars Petcare
Manufacturer: Mars Petcare
List Price: £12.00

  • Tantalisingly tasty bite-sized treats, great for big and small dogs; the ideal way to treat your dog.
  • Cheesy nibbles - savoury cheese and beef in a small and soft treat that are ideal for training or simply enjoying at any time; Crunchy Pockets - delightfully crispy treats with a delicious centre, perfect for enjoying at any time; Chewy cubes with Chicken or Beef - mouth-watering bite-sized chunks that are perfect for enjoying at any time; Chewy slices with beef - delicious treats with a delightfully chewy texture, perfect for enjoying at any time
  • Complementary pet food developed by nutritionists and vets at The Waltham Centre
  • Omega 3 to help keep them fit for life, vitamins to help maintain their natural defences and minerals including calcium to help give them strong bones
  • Delicious small bite dog treats that contain no artificial colours or flavours.

Binding: Misc.
Brand: dog academy
Studio: dog academy
Label: dog academy
Publisher: dog academy
Manufacturer: dog academy
List Price: £21.90

  • ✔ LARGE, COMFORTABLE ONE HAND OPENING - 3.2" wide hinge opening locks in open state. The hinge snaps with light pressure.
  • ✔ ALL YOU NEED IN YOUR POCKET - Stay with your dog with full attention. The two large front compartments (feeding compartment with automatic locking hinge, jam compartment with velcro) can be easily pressed and opened with one hand while keeping your dog in view. Compartment Number 3 is protected at the back and secures your valuables like change and mobile phone with a zipper.
  • ✔ YOU LOOK GOOD - Simple classic design to swing your hips, the reward always ready to handle. So the dog training is fun and you look dazzling! The reflective not only serves as an optical accent but also provides greater safety through better visibility in the dark.
  • ✔ SIMPLE CARE - High-quality damp wipeable material made of waterproof nylon. Just occasionally wipe out with a damp cloth, so you'll have a long time to enjoy your treat bag.
  • ✔ 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - convince yourself of the SnapMaster! You can't reward your dog more comfortably and elegantly. Something wrong? Send the bag back within 30 days and you will be refunded the purchase price.

Binding: Misc.
Brand: Mikki
Studio: INUAH
Label: INUAH
Publisher: INUAH
Manufacturer: INUAH
List Price: £12.99

  • Dog training discs are the result of many years of practical research into the control of dog behaviour
  • A series of small brass saucer shaped discs which create a distinct sound, entirely different to any other common everyday object
  • Dog training disc can be used to overcome a variety of behaviour problems from aggressive behaviour, through excessive barking and to over enthusiastic greeting behaviour
  • Training discs are widely used by many pet behaviourists
  • Comprehensive training booklet included

Binding: Misc.
Brand: Yangbaga
Studio: Yangbaga
Label: Yangbaga
Publisher: Yangbaga
Manufacturer: Yangbaga
List Price: £25.99

  • EXTRA LARGE - 63"X 35.4 Extra Large Dog Training Pee Pads, to meet the needs of your dog.For example:Mother dog nurture;under the dog play pen;It can even be used as an incontinence mattress for children and the elderly.
  • SAVE MONEY & BETTER FOR EARTH - They are a must have if you are tired of spending money on pads you throw away. Washable pee pads are a great money and time saver compared to using the disposables.And you'll be doing your part to keep our Mother Eearth Clean and Healthy
  • ANTI-SLIP BOTTOM - There is a great deal of anti-slip silica gels on the bottom side of the fabric. The leak-proof, slip-resistant backing will help keep your floors dry while staying in place.
  • 3 LAYERS OF PROTECTION DESIGN - Velcro Cloth makes urine permeate easily, Absorbent cotton holds urine and odour inside the pad, Premium velvet prevents urine from leaking.
  • MULTIPLE USAGE - You can easily use the pads for the needs of your dog and also to protect your home from the moisture of the food and bring them with you while travelling: on a car seat or inside a crate

Binding: Misc.
Brand: PrincePaws
Studio: PrincePaws
Label: PrincePaws
Publisher: PrincePaws
Manufacturer: PrincePaws
List Price: £26.83

  • ✔✔ ODOR-REDUCING PET PADS: PrincePaws Pet Pee Pads contain a layers of ultra-absorbent polymer which locks in moisture, reducing odor and turning urine into gel instantly.
  • ✔✔ INCLUDES STICKY ADHESIVE TAG TAPE - Super Absorbent Pet Training Puppy Pads are 24" x 24", 100 Count pack and Pet Pads with Tape stay secure on any surface by using the corner tape tags
  • ✔✔ MULTIPLE USES WHILST TRAVEL OR INDOOR: Can be used for in cretes and kennels, toilet cat litter pads, protect furniture like queen bed or chair seat, car seat pet pads for dogs and are often used as incontinence bedwetting pads for kids or adults. Doggy training pads good for tasks small or large .
  • ✔✔ IDEAL FOR VARIETY OF DOGS: PrincePaws Dog Training Pads are great for use as puppy training pads for dogs before housebreaking, cat litter pads, pet urine pads assisting ageing dogs or elderly dogs and as an alternative to doggie potty spot outside for indoor pets, cat litter box pads, piddle pee pads for dogs
  • ✔✔ SUPER ABSORBENT AND QUICK-DRYING TRAINING PAD: PrincePaws Pet Training Puppy Pads have superior layers, optimizes the pads to be super absorbent for 450ml and leak-proof. The top layer of the pads is a durable, non-woven fabric that is highly absorbent, quick-drying, and designed to be resistant to scratches and tears. The bottom layer is a waterproof film that provides a plastic lining around the pad to provide floors and carpets with maximum moisture protection. Great dog pads 100 pack too.

Binding: Misc.
Brand: PetMartop
Studio: Giftwide Limited
Label: Giftwide Limited
Publisher: Giftwide Limited
Manufacturer: Giftwide Limited
List Price: £15.90

  • 1. Best Gift For Your Best Friend - Anti-Bark training collar is designed for behaviour modification of your best friend that will eliminate unnecessary barking. Using a progressive correction stimulus, the device creates an association your dog will understand, it is harmless and humane.
  • 2. <B>Dial adjust for the sensitivity - Anti bark dog collar has 7 correction levels, which deliver different sound and vibration combination 1st bark: Progressive warning beeps for 1.5 seconds 2nd bark: Progressive warning beeps for 2.5 seconds 3rd bark: Sound for 4 seconds+Vibration for 0.5 seconds 4th bark: Sound for 4 seconds+Vibration for 1 seconds 5th bark: Sound for 4 seconds+Vibration for 1.5 seconds 6th bark: Sound for 4 seconds+Vibration for 2 seconds 7th bark: Sound for 4 seconds+
  • 3.Suitable For Dogs Of All Sizes And Breeds Over 12 Lbs. - The adjustable collar strap is easily fitted around any dog's neck ranging from 7 to 21 inches(17-55cm). It provides and ideal and a completely harm less solution to any dog over 12 lbs. The product is NOT RECOMMENDED for dogs with LONG COATS OF FUR around the neck and neither for TINY pocket dogs.
  • 4.Waterproof - Anti-Bark Collar is waterproof and it uses 6v battery which is available in shops.
  • 5. Money Back Guarantee - Anti bark collar instruction manual is in the box. Please read it carefully and use the collar accordingly. Incase bark collar doesn't meet your expectations send it back for replacement or total refund!

Binding: Misc.
Brand: J R Pet Products
Studio: JR Pet Products Ltd
Label: JR Pet Products Ltd
Publisher: JR Pet Products Ltd
Manufacturer: JR Pet Products Ltd
List Price: £34.99

  • 100% natural, made from human grade Pure Fresh Meat. Our Promise No Additives, No Preservatives...Nothing!
  • Air Dried using only the best cuts of meat
  • Grain & Gluten free.
  • Proudly Sourced & Manufactured in Europe
  • You will receive 1 x Pure Chicken 85g 1 x Pure Duck 85g 1 x Pure Rabbit 85g, 1x Pure Kangaroo, 1x Pure Goat, 1x Pure Lamb, 1x Pure Salmon, 1x Pure Beef, 1x Pure Venison, (765g in total) They are Simply irresistible to dogs! 100% pure fresh meat...thats it!

Binding: Misc.
Brand: Doggone Good
Studio: Doggone Good
Label: Doggone Good
Publisher: Doggone Good
Manufacturer: Doggone Good
List Price: £21.50

  • Rapid Rewards Deluxe Dog Training Bag with Belt by Doggone Good! (Black)
  • 5.75Lx6.75Hx2.75W

Binding: Misc.
Brand: Galaxer
Studio: Galaxer
Label: Galaxer
Publisher: Galaxer
Manufacturer: Galaxer
List Price: £15.99

  • ❤ Safe and security: The pet training bell is made of high quality steel amd plastic, the dog door bell is consists of heavy duty flat nylon webbing, bigger rivet snaps and tight stitches, this two are all not easy to rust and deformation.
  • ❤ Convenient and easy to use: The training bell has a big button, easy for dog to press. Use high quality stainless steel + plastic to ensure the durability and stability, not easy broken.
  • ❤ Multiple functions: Our training bell is very suitable for pet potty training, use as a communication device or a great toy, such as giving pet some snacks when they press the bell, it will be funny.
  • ❤ Simple&helpful: Toilet training can be a daunting task for you and your pooch, our Dog door bell is a simple solution to your pooch letting you know when they need the toilet.
  • ❤ Adjustable rivet snaps: The Dog door bells are easily adjustable in length to accommodate different sizes of dogs and doors!